Building Bridges Health Services

Health care alone doesn’t create a healthy community


Building Bridges Health Services hopes to become the largest community of practitioners who work together respectfully, harmoniously, effectively, efficiently, and creatively for the common good of their patients, and which sets an example for other practices on how to effectively partner with patients, caregivers, local agencies and leaders, faith institutions, neighborhood groups, and volunteer organizations to optimize the health and well-being of the community.


1. Building Bridges Health Services are available to everyone, with special attention to equitable access and care for those who are underserved or uninsured.

2. Building Bridges Health Services will provide services that are sensitive to an individual's culture, ethnicity, and personal beliefs.

3. Building Bridges Health Services will incorporate Western, Eastern, traditional, complementary, and alternative medicine approaches.

4. Building Bridges Health Services will address health holistically, prioritizing interventions based on individual, neighborhood, and overall community prevalence and severity of specific diseases as well as other conditions and syndromes which increase debility and suffering, including social and behavioral determinants of health.

5. Building Bridges Health Services will provide patient-engaged care, teaching, coaching, encouraging, and empowering individuals and groups to: a. understand issues critical to healthy living and b. care for themselves.


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